Reference Checks

Reference Checks

We provide the most accurate and cost-effective method to confirm what former employers say about you.  We call your references and tell you what they are saying. You will know with complete confidence whether or not to use this  reference.

You spend hours of time preparing your resume and cover letter, posting to job boards, going on interviews without the results you expect. Your reference calls may be the reasons your job search may not be successful.


Our reference check is geared towards individuals who were in a management or supervisory role. In most cases we would recommend that we call your direct supervisor to get this information. We will go over all the items covered below in your reference check. In addition to all these questions, we have a candid discussion about your accomplishments and some areas where you might need some improvement.

Lawyers recommend reference checking for their clients. Combined with detailed results, a quick turn around time and low prices. Employee reference checking is a vital part of today’s hiring process. Can you really afford to take a chance by NOT knowing what is being said?

Our Reference Check report for job references includes:

  • Did you show up to work consistently?
  • Were you punctual?
  • Confirmation of your salary.
  • Verification of employment dates.
  • A brief summary and confirmation of position and title held.
  • Can you be hired again? Would you be hired again?
  • Your reason for leaving?
  • Will your former employer recommend you for another job?
  • What you did on a daily basis.
  • A comprehensive inventory of your interpersonal skills and accomplishments.
  • Can you be recommended for a similar position?
  • Will your former employer recommend you for another job?
  • Can we be directed to another manager or peer who can discuss your abilities candidly?
  • We ask them to make a recommendation about you to your prospective employer.
  • We will ask them if they believe you will successful in your next role?

What you will receive:

We will give you a report of what they say and how they say it. Also, we will give you our interpretation and perception of the feel and tone of the call. If requested, we will have a phone conversation with you to give our impressions of the reference check.

Reference check for one company: A detailed reference check including a report by email. $50

Reference check for two companies: A detailed reference check including a report by email. $75